Use Case: Schedule an Appointment

Industry: Banking


  • For a few special banking services or offers, customers may have several questions or prefer to have in-person assistance, for instance, a home loan or deferring a payment, priority services or special offers.
  • Customers need to spend significant time and effort to collect/clarify basic information, identifying the closest branch, available timeslots and booking a prior appointment. On the other hand, the agents may lack contextual customer information.


  • An intelligent voice and digital virtual assistant provides 24 X 7 assistance answering customer queries related to particular services/offerings.
  • Such assistants can engage in proactive conversations to understand customer needs and provide available information with context.
  • Virtual assistants can collect customer needs, suggest specific options, help choose the right choice, schedule an appointment, and provide all the details to the agent.
  • The assistant can follow up with the customer as needed.


  • Instant and contextual information is available to the customer.
  • Gathers basic information and clarifies initial questions instantly.
  • Significant time saving for physical agents; improved customer service.
Banking Use Case Schedule An Appointment