Use Case: Request Return / Exchange


  • Online shopping has been seeing new heights recently. At the same time, eCommerce businesses are seeing a significant increase in return/exchange requests.
  • Today, customers have to scroll through the return policy or reach out to the support agents to find information about the exchange or initiate a return/exchange.
  • Customers reps also spend a considerable amount of time assisting customers with trivial questions.


  • The intelligent virtual assistants interact with users in natural language; they understand the user request and initiate the solution.
  • In the case of return/exchange, these assistants inform users of the process, applicable charges, and timelines. On customer approval, assistants trigger the return/exchange request.
  • They send timely notifications to inform the user of the progress.

Expected Benefits:

  • Delivers hassle-free shopping experience for the users
  • The self-service model improves customer happiness by 2x
Retail Use Case Return An Order