Use Case: Medication List

Industry: Healthcare


  • Medical prescriptions are easy to lose track of and cause a wide range of problems from getting denied to critical medication at pharmacies to missing out on daily dosages.
  • Not following proper dosage will result in major health implications.
  • Hand-written prescriptions are confusing and often cause confusion at pharmacies.


  • Kore AI’s intelligent virtual agents keep track of patients’ active medication lists.
  • They help patients keep track of dosage, avoid confusion at pharmacies, and manage refills.
  • Easily communicate with the patient over SMS, email, and chat.


  • Easily manage patient medications, dosage, and refills.
  • Offer digitized prescriptions to avoid confusion.
  • Get better patient health outcomes when the dosage is religiously followed
  • Offer 24×7 patient care with Kore’s virtual assistants.