Use Case: Plan Investment & Process Trade

Industry: Banking


  • Investment options and information are confusing and require doubts clarifications.
  • Such transactions collect valuable personal information.
  • Need to adhere to compliance and audit procedures.
  • Existing web or mobile channels are monotonous and banks lose upsell/cross-sell opportunities.


  • The Banking Solution brings conversational interface on 35+ voice and digital channels, including FB messenger, WhatsApp, Alexa and more.
  • Customers interact with the assistant in natural language to engage in investment-related services.
  • The solution’s intelligence understands customers’ credit status, transaction history and presents upsell or cross-sell options.

Expected Benefits:

  • Offer timely, omnichannel, personalized service to the customers.
  • Save significant time for live agents.
  • Collect, retain and retrieve customers’ information as needed.
  • Improve chances to upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
Banking Use Case Plan Investment & Process Trade