Use Case: Report a Lost/Stolen Card

Industry: Banking


  • Lost cards and transaction disputes are among the top categories of calls agents deal with.
  • Panicked customers prefer talking to an agent instead of going through the bank’s online interfaces to report a lost or stolen card.
  • During this stressful event, any adverse experience such as a long call wait time or confusing IVR menu options puts customers off.
  • Agents spend significant time handling these routine queries.


  • XO Platform’s conversational IVR capabilities help engage/converse with customers in the most natural way reducing the need to talk to real agents.
  • The solution seamlessly integrates with popular banking and enterprise systems.
  • Efficiently and instantly handle scenarios like lost card, immediately offer verification on last few transactions, raise a dispute, temporary card block, card replacement, address change, etc.

Expected Benefits:

  • Instant response to the customer without confusing menu structure or long wait times.
  • Reduced load on the contact center.