Use Case: Organizational Policy FAQs

Function: Human Resources


  • Employees ask many questions related to organizational policies say reimbursements, insurance information, and many more
  • HR representatives spend a considerable amount of time addressing these policy-related inquiries
  • Especially during work from home, there’s a sudden spike in employee queries, and HR executives have to extend their work hours to help with the answers


  • HR Support Virtual Assistant is a fully functional, omnichannel, and domain trained solution that mimics human-like conversations
  • A virtual assistant can seamlessly integrate with the enterprise knowledge base and intelligently crawl through the documents
  • Instantly answer the employee queries, thereby reducing the workload on HR teams


  • Employees don’t have to open or navigate through the intranet or any other system to find updates on company policies on leaves, benefits, rewards, referrals, and reimbursement
  • 25% reduction in average response time to employee queries

System Integration: SAP, Workday, Peoplesoft, Zoho, and other popular HRMS portals

HR Use Case Organizational Policy FAQs