Use Case: Software/Hardware Request Fulfillment

Function: IT Services


  • Every single day IT teams are flooded with many support queries
  • These queries can range from complex ones like a server breakdown to simple one asking to install a software
  • IT teams are facing a challenge to prioritize the requests to provide better resolutions


  • The ITSM virtual assistants efficiently handle simple requests and provide a quick resolution
  • In case of complexity, the assistant automatically creates a support ticket on your behalf in the system


  • Many of the queries have resolved by the virtual assistants resulting in a 30-40% reduction in IT support queries
  • The team is now concentrating on high-priority tasks and increasing the overall productivity by 20%

System Integration: BMC Helix, ServiceNow, Freshservice, Jira, and other popular ITSM portals

IT Services Use Case Software Hardware Request Fulfillment