Use Case: Operational Virtual Assistant for Manufacturing Organization

Industry: Manufacturing

Function: Inventory Support (Pickup-Dispatch) Function

Client Info:

The US-based company is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum sheets, heavy-duty alloy plate roll press custom forms, liners, and wear parts to exact specifications


  • At the customer factories/warehouses, they had a huge challenge ensuring coordination between the pickup truck drivers and dispatchers. It was a scheduling nightmare with several back-and-forth calls and significant wait times
  • Trucks loading/unloading scheduling nightmare
  • When the load or the dispatcher wasn’t ready, the truck and the driver had to wait for a long time causing a scheduling vexation
  • The service center was flooded with repetitive inquiry calls


  • The client leveraged the Virtual Assistant platform to build a scheduling virtual assistant to create, communicate and track the inventory dispatch and pickup schedule for the pickup trucks
  • The virtual assistant is made available on customer web channels and a mobile app. The solution is hosted on cloud and connectors are used to transfer the data to the virtual assistant
  • The dispatcher can now quickly inquire about the status of the load and the customer officials update the dispatcher with the time of delivery and the loading gate number


  • A streamlined process for inventory dispatch and pickup
  • 50% reduction in incoming inquiry calls to the service team within 3 months post-implementation
  • Significant reduction in truck driver wait times

Channels: Web and Mobile Application

Industrial bots for manufacturing

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