Use Case: Intelligent Email Sorter for Global Brewery Major

Industry: Retail

Function: Support 

Client Info:

The Belgian multinational drinks and brewing holdings company is the world’s largest brewer with 155,000 employees and operations in more than 50 countries and sales in 150+ countries


  • The business had to deal with a large number of emails/tickets from their support teams or operation teams.
  • Reviewing the emails and providing an appropriate resolution to this volume of emails is a tedious task


  • email sorter solution intelligently reads each email
  • The solution identifies the sender’s intention and takes necessary action, be it forwarding to a respective team, invoking a tool, or even color-coding the emails as required


  • Reduced time consumption and mistakes that arise due to manual intervention
  • Improved team productivity as the employees are freed from repetitive tasks
  • Enabled fast and accurate responses to emails/tickets


  • Client’s Email Module
Email Sorter

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