Use Case: Patient Reminder (Pre-operation)

Industry: Healthcare


  • The pre-operation safety guidelines and checklists are generic and are not tailor-made to address patient issues and risk factors during the surgery
  • Doctors or hospital staff have to manually interact with patients to guide them on various aspects, including pre-surgery tests, diet to follow, and necessary medication
  • Scaling personal care is a challenge for hospitals, as it needs a lot of human efforts and money


  • The virtual assistants collect the patient information and health condition report before operation/surgery
  • It can intelligently analyze the information and set reminders and notifications about pre-op routine, medication, tests, procedures, and expectations
  • Also notifies the doctor about patient checkpoints, schedule change, reports availability, etc.


  • Improved patient regimen and communication with them leading to an increase in user satisfaction
  • Using virtual assistants, hospitals can provide support to a large number of patients simultaneously 24X7 and achieve significant cost benefits

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