Use Case: Patient Engagement and Outreach

Industry: Healthcare


  • Patients make calls to hospital contact centers to get assistance for generic problems like headache, running nose, and high temperature
  • It is a burden for hospitals to maintain an exclusive nurse call center and provide timely support to the calls. It is impacting the experience of the patients, in-turn the hospital’s reputation


  • Intelligent virtual assistants automate this process by engaging users on preferred digital channel
  • The solution integrates with an authentic source at the backend. It interacts with the patient and takes note of their symptoms, and suggests a remedy
  • In case if the assistant is not able to provide a resolution, it prompts to book an appointment with a doctor


  • Virtual Assistants can act as the first point of contact for patients, freeing up the frontline teams for other priorities
  • It answers common queries quickly and accurately, and patients don’t have to rely on the physician’s availability
  • Personalized experiences help in improving the hospital reputation and brand
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