Use Case: Customer Support Virtual Assistant for Large Multinational Bank

Industry: Banking

Function: Customer Support

Client Info:

The bank is part of a financial services multinational group. With more than 200+ years of banking experience, they are servicing in more than 19 countries with 2500+ branches


  • The multinational bank partnered with other businesses to issue promotional credit cards
  • Users have many queries daily regarding payments, credit limits, promotional offers, or transfers
  • Asking all users to reach call centers is not a great option, and it hampers customer satisfaction


  • Kore developed an SMS based intelligent virtual assistant for the credit card users to accomplish all the transactions
  • It offers full customization to the partners, allowing them to add or remove data as per need
  • Traditional SMS transactions require prefixes say ‘BAL’ for balance check, ‘ACT’ for activation. But’s intelligent NLG supports natural conversations and understands user intent accurately


  • 35+ million users leverage the services of the virtual assistant
  • With an 85% containment rate, the virtual assistant is helping the business to streamline the process
  • The assistant is serving the users across the globe


  • SMS
Banking chatbot for credit card transactions

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