Use Case: COVID Assistant for Large Multinational Bank

Industry: Banking

Function: Customer Support

Client Info:

The bank is part of a financial services multinational group. With more than 200+ years of banking experience, they are servicing in more than 19 countries with 2500+ branches


  • COVID-19 has impacted many businesses, including banks
  • In times of financial unrest, customers make numerous calls to the bank’s contact centers to request support
  • With a sudden spike in call volumes, the unavailability of support employees in the pandemic is adding fuel to the fire


  •, with expertise and the robust platform, was able to come up with a solution in a record-breaking time
  • The virtual assistant built by Kore identifies the caller intent and answers the customer calls promptly
  • Based on the understanding( if needed), it directs the call to other channels like the web portal or mobile app


  • The client was impressed with the speed and agility showcased by the team and the equally responsive platform
  • In the first month of deployment, more than 15% of the total calls were diverted


  • IVR
COVID-19 chatbot for banks and financial industries

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