Use Case: Opening an Account

Industry: Banking


  • Opening an account is a complex task, and customers must endure the long interactions with the customer support team, be it for the document submission or any other formalities
  • Financial institutions are in dire need to simplify the account opening process without compromising the security


  • Intelligent Virtual Assistants simplify this process for both the customers and the support team. The Virtual Assistant can collect documents such as SSN, State issued IDs, etc. from the customer in a guided conversation, thereby, delivering a hassle-free experience
  • Account opening can stand-alone for new to bank customers or for existing customers and can be used to pre-populate known customer information


  • Multifold increase in user experience and the process is made relatively effortless
  • Virtual Assistants can speed up the account opening process by 3x
Chatbots for retail banking

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