Better Procurement, Better Business for All!

24/7 procurement related information access via voice and chat on multiple channels for improved operations. Enhance your employee and supplier experience with the simplicity and efficiency of ProcureAssist.

Out-of-Box Capabilities and Use Cases

ProcureAssist Requisition Icon
  • Retrieve Requisitions / Check Status
  • Approve/Reject/Cancel Requisitions
  • Send Approval Request
  • Guided experience for new requisition
ProcureAssist Purchase Order Icon
Purchase Order
  • Retrieve Purchase Orders / Check Status
  • Approve/Reject/Cancel Purchase Orders
  • Send Approval Request
  • Guided experience for new requisition
  • Reorder a past Order
ProcureAssist Enterprise Search Icon
Enterprise Search & Invoice Details
  • FAQ, Guidelines & Policies
  • Product Search, Supplier Search
  • Check Invoice Status
  • Retrieve Invoice by Purchase Order
  • Request Invoice
ProcureAssist Notifications Icon
Notifications & Analytics
  • Status Update
  • Request for Approval
  • Request for Additional Info
  • Deadline Alert
  • Retrieve PVO by Time Period, Location, and/or Supplier
ProcureAssist Supplier Info Icon
Supplier Info
  • Get Suggested Supplier
  • Retrieve Supplier / Check Status
  • Query Supplier Contacts – Internal & External
  • Retrieve Suppliers with an Active Contract
  • Find Suppliers invited to a Rfx
  • Find Suppliers by Commodity, Location, and/or with an Active Contract
ProcureAssist Rfx Icon
Rfx & Contract
  • Retrieve Rfx’s / Check Supplier Response Status
  • Rank Suppliers by bid amount on a RfQ
  • Find Contract of a RfQ
  • Update Rfx Close Date
  • Upload Attachments to RfQ Responses
  • Retrieve Contracts by Supplier
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